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We make this amazing latex vacuum bed for half the price of most other websites, yet we do not compromise on quality. Latex vacuum beds allow you to satisfy your passion for both bondage gear and latex by covering you head to toe in a rubber bed and then having most of the air sucked out of the bed so that you are shrink wrapped in latex. You can either lie there yourself or admire the look and feel of your willing partner as you place them into the latex vac bed. Some describe latex vacuum beds as the ultimate in bondage gear pleasure.

This type of experience can provide a lot of satisfaction, but donít forget when you use this type of bed that you must use some kind of tube through the mouth opening so as not to suffer air deprivation or worse, suffocation. Our latex vac bed has an opening for the mouth. We can customize this latex vacuum bed with holes anywhere you could want - usually for just $45 extra

Latex Vacuum Bed
Latex Vacuum Bed
 is your source for custom latex clothing, rubber clothing, rubber bondage gear, latex bondage gear - all the latex fetish clothing you desire. We make a great latex catsuit, inflatable latex gear, latex body bag, latex sleep sack, latex straitjacket, latex vac bed, latex hood, and all types of latex suits.
What makes our latex fetish clothing different from our competitors? Quality and personal attention. You'll even find that our custom latex clothing line allows people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy the things we all enjoy about latex clothing. If custom latex clothing or just standard sized rubber clothing is something you are interested, please email us to begin a dialogue.

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