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Full Enclosure Latex Catsuit
The simple truth is nothing fits like a quality full enclosure latex catsuit. Ours come complete with zipper guards to protect your skin and hair while zipping yourself into it – you’ll thank us for that time after time! Our latex catsuits give you all the optional extras – such as optional chest zippers, whether you want the gloves to be attached or detached, whether or not you want your feet covered, or whether you want one of our many fantastic hoods to add to your outfit. We also have a range of fully inflatable hoods so there is plenty of choice. And here’s another important point to bear in mind; all the latex sheeting at Kinky King is pre-chlorinated so slipping into your new latex catsuit is much easier, no gels or special powders are required. Choose from .4mm in a variety of colors, in black heavy .8mm heavy and black super heavy 1.2mm.

Price: $280.00

Glove Size:
Chest Zippers:
Hood Size: is your source for custom latex clothing, rubber clothing, rubber bondage gear, latex bondage gear - all the latex fetish clothing you desire. We make a great latex catsuit, inflatable latex gear, latex body bag, latex sleep sack, latex straitjacket, latex vac bed, latex hood, and all types of latex suits.
What makes our latex fetish clothing different from our competitors? Quality and personal attention. You'll even find that our custom latex clothing line allows people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy the things we all enjoy about latex clothing. If custom latex clothing or just standard sized rubber clothing is something you are interested, please email us to begin a dialogue.

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